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Dropbox is a type of online cloud application that lets you store your files in the internet.
Dropbox isn’t the only cloud storage space out there. You might have heard about SkyDrive, SugarSync,, and the recent launch of Google Drive. Though each of these products have their own respective advantages, I still use Dropbox because of its simplicity and yet functionality.
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10. Convenient To Use!

It's very easy to use unlike other cloud storage products. Thus, this is ideal for those people who value simplicity and just wanted to back-up their files. You can choose to either use Dropbox by using an internet browser and go to their website or you can install the Dropbox application.

9. File Sharing

share file through dropbox
Gone are the days when you’re restricted of sending an email attachment not exceeding 25MB. With Dropbox, you can share a dropbox folder to one or more of your contacts. Thus, if you want to share a video, your contact can easily view that by just checking the file folder.

8. Public Sharing

You also have the option to upload content that you want to be available to the public. For example, you went to a field trip, you can simply upload the photos or videos in your account and let your classmates view and save content.

7. Mobile Dropbox

Dropbox Mobile
There's no doubt that your smartphone or tablet cannot handle big amount of file sizes. But when you install the Dropbox app in your mobile devices, you can download only needed files from Dropbox whenever you need them!

6. Accessibility

You can access your files almost anywhere in the planet! As long as you have internet connection and even if you’re already offline, you can still retrieve and edit files. The next time you get online, the content of your Dropbox folder will then sync with other devices.

5. Other Features

Deleted files are not automatically thrown away permanently. Dropbox will keep it for 30-days before it will be gone forever. In addition to this, when you copy files from one Dropbox folder to another, Dropbox will not require those files to be uploaded again. Thus, it will save you a lot of time from uploading contents.

4. Synchronization Of Devices

sync devices dropbox
Your Dropbox files can be synchronized with your other devices. All you have to do is to install the Dropbox app to all your electronic devices such as your smartphone, desktop computer, and tablet. But of course, you can always use the internet browser to open your files, though this may take longer. If you primarily use your laptop, you can save your files through the Dropbox folder. Even if you never saved it in your desktop, you can still access it through the Dropbox folder. Learn how to sync dropbox files between different devices.

3. Outstanding Dropbox Folder

If you want to fully harness the power of Dropbox, you need to download the Dropbox application. By doing so, you create a Dropbox folder in your computer where you can sync your files with Dropbox in the internet. You can treat the Dropbox folder the way you treat your other folders. The only difference is that what you save on the Dropbox folder will automatically be saved online, thus eliminating the need to use a browser just to upload your files. This is how my app looks like:
Dropbox folders

2. Create Back-Up Files

If you want to safely store your important documents, it’s always wise to create back-up files. This way, if your primary storage device is broken or not available, you can easily retrieve it. You don’t have to pull your hair off and hopelessly be frustrated. All you have to do is open your Dropbox folder and you’ll find your data there.

1. It’s FREE

Dropbox is definitely free with no hidden charges that might eventually surprise you. Once you started using Dropbox, you’ll be awarded with 2GB of free storage space. I know that isn’t too much but it’s perfect for starters. Moreover, you can gain additional space by a number of ways such as inviting your friends to use Dropbox, connecting Dropbox to your Facebook and Twitter, send fan mails, and more. It’s a way to expand your Dropbox community and spread the good news of Dropbox.
You should Dropbox it as well! It's safe, convenient, reliable, and will ultimately free you from the worries of lost files.

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